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That means top of cuisine and top of hospitality.

What we pursue and what we want to make the most important are conversation at each of the tables, luxurious moment there and the “very best smiles” of our guests.

With those in mind, we will open our “brand-new family restaurant” here at the first floor entrance in TOKYO SKYTREE Commerce Facility “Tokyo Solamachi” on 22 May 2012.

Cuisines and desserts produced by cooks, patissiers and bakers from many different genres are all homemade with unstinting love, time and thoughts with the finest domestic ingredients, safety and security, and of course its reasonability.

Restaurant featuring “supreme daily meal” with the careful selection of what we really want to eat.
Who supervise the “new family restaurant”, what you might call merriment space of foods with its entrance filled with a lot of groceries and sweets, is the executive chef of our restaurant, “Hal Yamashita”.
As Hal Yamashita took a lot of honors as a Japanese representative of international master chef of World Gourmet Summit 2010/2012, he continues to reveal a passion for his cuisine and concept of it at any stage as a pursuer of the “very best smiles” of our guests.

Tokyo Solamachi, TOKYO SKYTREE.
Please follow the “New Family Restaurant TOP TABLES SKYTREE TOWN” born in the place where could be a new symbol of Japan.

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TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN 1F, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo